19 November 2014

Bridges news roundup

It's been a long time since I've done a bridges news roundup, so I'm going to keep most of these links short and sweet.

COBE, COWI and DISSING+WEITLING Wins Competition to Design 225 Metre Pedestrian Bridge for Køge
"Functioning as a solar screen on the south, pedestrian bridge opens to the city and provide panoramic views to the north."

Bouncy Squibb Park Bridge Closed For Being Too Bouncy
"It was designed to bounce (similarly to trail bridges in the woods) ... its movements had substantially increased, causing concern. It also started to tilt and sag in sections."

What a FAN-tastic design! Engineers create London footbridge that unfolds like a paper concertina
National newspaper in "gives credit to engineers" shock!

Footbridge Ribja brv / Arhitektura d.o.o
"Our aim was to design a bridge that has a construction as thin as possible, and bridge railing as transparent as possible."

Skyttelbron Bridge / Metro Arkitekter (Sweco Architects)
"The first idea, and perhaps the strongest in terms of design is that we wanted to bring color in an environment where virtually every­thing is in shades of gray, brown or green."

Bridge Over the Rhone / Meier + Associés Architectes
"This unity of form 'strides' over irregularities in the terrain and interacts logically with the location by progressively increasing its span in line with the mathematical principle of harmonic curves."

Floating bridge by RO&AD crosses the moat of a Dutch fortress
"The new 80-metre-long bridge follows the original route boats would have taken between a jetty on the edge of the moat and a raised entrance situated in one of the fortress's walls."

Must have a head for heights! London's Tower Bridge unveils £1m glass walkway 140ft above River Thames... costing just £9 to visit
"The pedestrians milling about on the pavements look as if they have come to life from a Lowry painting and there is nothing between them and my boots but a sheet of glass."

What Montreal’s All-New Champlain Bridge Should Look Like
"A peer of Taillibert, fellow architect Pierre Briset, is not confident in Taillibert's proposal. Briset believes Taillibert's plan is just a ripoff of the Millau Viaduct in southern France."

Calgarians celebrate bridge opening
"At a cost of $25 million, the span took five years to complete, one year longer than anticipated after the first bridge deck was destroyed in the 2013 flood."

Designer of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge: Low-profile genius preferred anonymity
"The greatest monuments to pioneering structural engineer Othmar H. Ammann are the ever-spectacular bridges born of his brilliance."

Léon Blum Viaduct Bridge / RFR
"We have chosen to create a structural continuity between the bridge deck and its vertical supports which are articulated at their base. In doing so, the area of the bridge which is most directly in contact with the town is freed from the kind of massive support commonly associated with this type of Bridge."

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