21 December 2012

Bridges news roundup

Time for a quick last post before Christmas ... hopefully I will get some time over the festive break to deal with a backlog of bridge visits, five from around the UK, one from Greece, and get those posted up here in the New Year. Meanwhile, here is the news:

Pedestrian Bridge / HHD_FUN Architects
Chinese footbridge. I am not sure whether all the arched steelwork on top is actually doing anything structural, or is merely decorative.

Compiegne Bridge / Explorations Architecture
An excellent highway bridge design, the Vierendeel arches are exquisite.

Transforming the Bridge Competition Winners
A variety of proposals to transform the abandoned Detroit Superior Bridge.

Melkwegbrug / NEXT Architects
I think I've mentioned this before. But here it is again. Lovely photos.

Pont de Singe Installation / Olivier Grossetête
Thoroughly delightful artwork / bridge supported by balloons. Sadly, here's how it really looked when the Pontist paid it a visit in September (click the photo to see it full size).

River Lee pedestrian crossing plans unveiled
Bridge will lift a mere 4m. Huh?

£600k bowstring design for new footbridge in Boston is backed by council
See previous Pontist report.

Bridge full of life
Contemporary Chinese bridge-cum-classroom with more than a few echoes of classic Chinese covered bridges.

China to Complete World’s First All-Glass Suspension Bridge in 2013
Anywhere other than China, I would dismiss this story out of hand.

Festina Lente / Adnan Alagić, Bojan Kanlić & Amila Hrustić

Footbridge Over the Railways / DVVD | Architectes – Designers
An interesting approach to the inherent difficulties of keeping railway authorities happy.

That's all for this year, have a Happy Christmas!


Ed Hollis said...

The Pont de singe does look sorry for itself, doesn't it! Shame it wasn't on top form for your visit.

Xosé Manuel Carreira Rodríguez said...

Happy New Year, Happy Pontist. Please continue with your blog and your interesting reflections on bridge and structural engineering.