13 August 2009

Bridges news roundup

Beautiful Chinese Pedestrian Bridge
Beauty evidently in the eye of the beholder

OFF Architecture's visionary eco-bridge spans the Bering Strait
Heavily-promoted runner up out of 135 entries to ideas competition

Contest seeks design of proposed titanium pedestrian bridge at University of Akron
Yes, they are being serious

Historic bridge must be demolished, says university
Braunstone Gate Bridge in Leicester sold in preparation for demolition

Integral and semi-integral bridges
New book by Martin Burke published, proposing a more holistic approach to integral bridge design

Fury as pretty 19th century railway bridge is rebuilt using red brick by 'penny pinching' rail firm
Daily Mail splutters with anger over Cornish bridge repaired on the cheap

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Wanted: Daredevils to rebuild footbridge.

The search is on for brave engineers to rebuild the famous Mizen Head footbridge in West Cork.

I hope you can do a blog sometime soon on the new Mizen head foot bridge in Ireland to replace the one built in 1909. As you will see from the link below, It will be a challange to construct!


Thanks and keep up the good work!