19 December 2008

Bridges news roundup

Derby, swing footbridge, delayed, over budget
£3.8m design now £4.3m, 11 months late, not yet open (pictured below, click image for larger version)

Calatrava knock-off at Achill Sound now open
€5m swing highway bridge opens 7 months late, and looks a little odd too (best photo I can find online is on flickr, showing what looks like a steel arch bridge with curved hangers) Update 6th January 2009: better photo now available

Genuine Calatrava opens in Valencia
€35m Serreria Bridge opens, 11% over budget, designers everywhere murmur in surprise at the sight of an iconic cable-stayed bridge which actually uses back-stays, lots of photos here

Bridge opens on time, on budget
No link for that one, couldn't find an appropriate story!