03 December 2017

Spanish Bridges: 3. M-40 Footbridge, Madrid

This is the last in my short series of bridges from Madrid.

The footbridge over the M-40 was built at the same time as its near neighbour, the R-3 footbridge, and shares a common designer, Carlos Fernández Casado S.L.

It is a suspension bridge, built using slender precast concrete deck panels and stiffened using negative stay cables. My previous post has all the details on how this works, so I won't repeat it here.

The M-40 footbridge is a single 90m span structure. Short concrete-filled steel masts sit directly on concrete foundations, and the main cables are anchored in concrete blocks.

Visually, I prefer it to its longer neighbour, but I'm not entirely sure why. It has the same "lollipop" masts, and the detailing where the negative stays intersect those masts is dreadful. Perhaps it's just the simplicity that comes with the single span that works better: it doesn't give the sense of showing off so much.

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