11 September 2014

Lancashire Bridges: 5. Lune Aqueduct

Lune Aqueduct has been referred to as a "wonder" and a "masterpiece". Engineering Timelines calls it "architecturally the finest aqueduct in north west England". Completed in 1796, it carries the Lancaster Canal above the River Lune. It was designed by John Rennie and is now Listed Grade I.

It is certainly an impressive structure, with five massive semi-circular arches springing from huge stone piers. However, compared with Telford's beautiful Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, completed ten years later, it appears squat, even lumpen.

The bridge is monumental rather than elegant. The large semi-circular arches are one cause of this, as are the wide stone piers. It gives the impression it could stand forever, although of course it has required extensive repairs in the recent past.

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Unknown said...

I'm having issues with Blogger, so apologies if this comment appears twice over. I'm interested in your 'monumental rather than elegant' remark. What are we to make of the modestly ornamental balustrade (just visible in the photos). Was it part of Rennie's original design? Thanks!