16 July 2014

Pontist in print

I'm currently visiting Footbridge 2014, and very pleased to note that the Happy Pontist is now in print for the first time. All the attendees at the event are being provided with a short guide to the pedestrian bridges of London in booklet form, with all the text and images provided from past blog posts here (edited for length!)

If you're attending the conference, and want to read more about any of the bridges featured in the booklet, just google "Happy Pontist" and the name of the bridge, and you should find a link to the relevant post.


Bridge Ink said...

How can I get a copy of:

"Pedestrian Bridges of London: A short guide"

The Happy Pontist said...

I have a very small number of spare copies of the guide, and will see if I can get hold of some more. Bridge Ink, email me separately and I'll mail you one.