28 March 2013

Bridges news roundup

Deptford Creek - a tale of two footbridges
Two footbridge proposals in London. The tilt-and-twist one seems unlikely ever to be built.

Two fine blog entries from my favourite Japanese bridge blog:
Parapets? Who needs 'em?
Some lovely stepping stones

Three accolades awarded for Wilkinson Eyre-designed Peace Bridge in one week
And they won't be the last, surely.

Making peace with the bridge: Calgary's most controversial span is winning over its critics
A year after opening, Calgarians are better reconciled to that other Peace Bridge, the Calatrava one.

The Mystery of the Missing Suspension Bridges of Paris
It's not really a mystery of course, but this blog features some great images of historic suspension bridges in Paris, and tells a good story. Suspension bridge construction took a nose-dive throughout France following the 1850 collapse of Chaley and Bordillon's Basse-Chaîne Bridge, attributed to corrosion in the main cable anchorages, and a tale with resonance for modern engineers (e.g. the 1990s moratorium on post-tensioned bridges in Britain).

Flood-hit iconic bridge is restored to its full glory
The ancient Tarr Steps rebuilt for less than £10,000. A bargain by any measure.

'A bridge too low': Chinese town planners build flyover that pedestrians have to duck to walk beneath
Built with a headroom of only 1.3m, there are some great pictures here. The Daily Mail is fast becoming the go-to destination for lovers of exotic bridge news.

Inca jewellery and Peruvian minery-inspired bridge in development by OOIIO Architecture
New bridge in Lima is to be a cross between a starfish and a piñata. Hopefully it will survive a good poke with a sharp stick, although the images don't fill me with confidence.

Twin Sails bridge shortlisted for architectural award
"A bridge that is called a Twin Sales Bridge and when it blows a gale of wind has problems because the sails cannot cope with the wind force. How on earth they can recommend that for an architectural award is beyond me", says grumpy old man.

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