25 January 2013

Bridges news roundup

I have a few more bridge reports to post, just waiting to get some time to sort out the photographs. While that waits, here are some bridges in the news ...

The 1,000-year-old wooden bridges that keep modern China moving
I'm no fan of the Daily Mail, but it's great to see these brilliant bridges getting some attention. On this subject, see also my review of Chinese Bridges.

Tarr Steps to be rebuilt following flood chaos
One of Britain's oldest bridges destroyed in flooding late last year.

Whitchurch Bridge denied £700,000 tax rebate
It would be interesting to see if freedom from taxation in perpetuity could be used to help incentivise new privately-funded bridge construction today ...

New Exeter footbridge is a British first
I saw this reported elsewhere as Britain's first FRP footbridge, which of course it isn't, but it is remarkable to see a Grade II Listed structure replaced entirely in plastic and still retain its heritage status.

Multi-coloured footbridge is made from 400 giant pieces of Meccano costing £90,000

Econtainer Bridge Competition Winning Proposal
Competition winner in Israel proposes to build parkland bridge out of old shipping containers.

New Brayford level crossing footbridge designs submitted
It's great to see evidence that Network Rail are becoming more open to including aesthetics in their bridge designs, at least where public or political pressure demands it. The latest designs (top) are a vast improvement on the previous ones (bottom).

$40 million Adelaide Oval footbridge over the Torrens will be ready for the Ashes, State Government says
Or heads will roll, presumably. This wasn't the most interesting of the designs submitted for this bridge, but I don't think they have all been made public, unfortunately.

Coalition deal agreed on River Don crossing in Aberdeen
Nice picture, the ghost of Robert Maillart seems alive and well and living in Abereen.

Limmat Footbridge and Promenade Lift
Presumably lifts never break down in Switzerland?

Dallas council approves funding for second Calatrava Bridge
Amid concerns over cost over-runs and maintenance costs. I can't help thinking all these cities buying in designer-brand bridges are backing yesterday's horse.

Calatrava "Bridge" No. 2: We're Spending an Extra $7 mil to put Lipstick on a Pig
I'm only linking this story because the headline is so amusing.

Calgary’s Peace Bridge rated among world’s top designs of 2012
Calatrava bridge in positive news story.

Smart Design and Super Materials Are Stretching Bridges
Bridge design and construction technology isn't stuck in a rut - a brief guide for outsiders.

Design tweaks to keep Blue Bridge within budget, says city hall
Translation: Victoria, Canada's new bascule bridge design is over-running on cost, but luckily we've spotted it early. It's also known as "value engineering". Full detail of the "tweaks" are here, it's a shame in particular that the bridge truss cross-sections are to be compromised. I wonder what the architects think?

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